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Keynote Speaker John Formica/”The Ex-Disney Guy”

“Secrets to Dealing with Challenging Customers and How to Turn Them
Into Raving Fans”

“Secrets to Dealing with Challenging Customers and How To Turn Them Into Raving Fans”

The Customer Experience is the most important component of a business’s success in ensuring customer loyalty. This is why ensuring a magical customer experience should be at the top of your campground business’ strategies. The problem is that in today’s customer demanding and entitlement world, it’s difficult to anticipate what kind of issues may arise in the customer experience.

Demanding customers and tricky challenging situations can lead to massive fallout, and could potentially cost your business profits, customers, a bad reputation, or even an employee their job. Dealing with these situations in a timely way that helps the customer is key to your success.

In this program, John will share proven simple strategies and hands on techniques that you and your staff can use right away, to properly handle any difficult or sensitive customer experience situations no matter whether you are a large park or small mom and pop campground. Just imagine learning how to hug your haters and turn them into raving fans today!


Feb 04 2022


9:15 am - 10:45 am

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