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Barefoot Landing RV Resort is a gated luxury RV resort like no other in the Lake James area. Covering over 65 acres, the 106 RV sites were designed to blend in with the surrounding scenic wooded landscape to crease a unique getaway experience. While other RV parks have row after row of RVs closely spaced, our community has multiple sections where sites have been created to fit and blend in with the natural landscape. Most of our sites have covered RV sheds and many include elaborate decks and porches as well, creating a fantastic “home away from home” experience.

The hidden gem of Barefoot Landing is its close proximity to Marion Moose Lodge, the nation’s second largest Moose Lodge fraternity, and a focal point of recreation and entertainment at Lake James. Most of our guests are members and continue their membership year after year. Barefoot Landing offers a private gated entrance to the adjacent Moose Lodge through access on Moose Lodge Lane.

All RV sites are offered on a seasonal basis, beginning April 1 and ending October 31 each year. Guests are provided weekend access off-season as well (weather permitting) to enjoy the fall and winter beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains.

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188 Uptons Landing Rd, Marion, NC 28752, USA Marion United States