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  • Posted 11 months ago

2014 US Open Sites Are Still Available 16 miles from Southern Pines, 12 miles from Rockingham Raceway, 19 miles from Pinehurst, pets friendly, 40 Golf courses within 20 mi. 25 miles from Ft. Bragg, 12 miles from St. Andrews College, 8 miles from Laurinburg Rolling farm land, Quiet, Tall long leaf pines in sandhills. Fire rings, picturesque OPENED July 2007, 50 amp PARK.


From Southern Pines 15-501 S 16 mi to Palmer Road (Spring Hill Fire Station), turn Right 1.5 mi on Left.,From Pinehurst take 15-501 south 18 miles 12 miles south of Aberdeen From west (Charlotte) US 74 west to Laurinburg jct 15-501 north 10 miles to Fire Station. from I-95 NC/ SC Border (at South of the Border Tourist attraction) NC EXIT 1 on I-95 Take 501 North 32 miles to Fire Station (10 miles past Laurinburg) Turn Left At Fire Station.