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Member Docs

Please find a set of model descriptions, a model job application, and a model employee handbook for Carolina members. These documents address a large proportion of management problems faced by campgrounds. The agreement makes it as simple as possible under state law to remove campers who misbehave. The model job description, application, and Handbook help create consistency, fairness and a solid personnel system. Even the smallest employer needs to protect itself.

As stated, these documents are intended to provide CARVC members with a starting point for preparing documents for their own campgrounds. These documents are not a substitute for legal advice from a lawyer. They are provided for educational purposes. Because laws change every day, the information set forth herein should be verified before being used.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. We appreciate your membership in CARVC! Being able to provide these model documents to our members will be a great value to our association and help build momentum for the Carolinas.

Thank you,

Dee Witting

Executive Director for CARVC