No matter where you go, from the mountains to the coast, people who love to fish will certainly find the perfect spot from which to cast a line. Whether you choose saltwater of fresh, angling or fly-fishing by boat or kayak, fishing in North Carolina is a unique experience. Freshwater fish include largemouth & smallmouth bass, crappie, catfish, stripers, trout, and walleye, among others. Mountain streams, lakes, and rivers are teeming with three different varieties of trout: rainbow, brook, and brown trout. Head to the coast for year-round fishing of king mackerel, sea bass, tuna, sheepshead, red drum, and flounder, just to name a few.

Paddle Sports

Whether your passion is rafting, canoeing, or kayaking, the North Carolina mountains are the best place for you. The novice or the beginner will find challenging and relaxing waterways to enjoy. From peaceful streams to raging rapids, the state’s terrain offers satisfying locations for hitting the water.Rafting is a fun team adventure that will showcase the beauty of the mountains and create some memories.

North Carolina’s waterways are diverse, ranging from Class II rapids with gentle bouncy waves and calm sections to high adventure with Class III-IV rapids with steep drops and fast-moving water.activities-nc-2Kayaking can vary from sea to white water, to touring and slalom, and North Carolina’s waterways accommodate either type. Kayaking allows paddlers to see the bodies of water from a unique perspective as they sit lower in the water and paddle more quietly.

Canoeing is the calmest and more idealistic way to explore North Carolina’s waters. Paddlers can meander leisurely through streams and river inlets while they fish, bird watch, and just relax.

Birding, Flora & Fauna Hikes

The North Carolina coast features some of the most beautiful mature maritime forests with massive virgin trees, vast marshes, and native plants and animals. Bulk Head Island offers several trails connecting boardwalks to three inlets; the Kent Mitchell Nature Trail provides a breathtaking perspective of the wetlands and there are benches along the way ideal for birding opportunities. Bald eagles and red-cockaded woodpeckers are abundant. The Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge is considered to be the best trail in the area for viewing wildlife. The North Pond Trail here meanders through the feeding areas of snow geese, piping plovers, 25 species of ducks, tundra swans, peregrine falcons, and many more. Pea Island is also a prime spot to glimpse the loggerhead turtles. The Croatan National Forest is located just south of New Bern and consists of nearly 160,000 acres of unusual forest. Walk the one mile trail through coastal virgin forest, passing cypress trees and other plant communities.


North Carolina is brimming with acres of public land ideal for anyone who loves the outdoors and hiking. With four national parks, several national seashores, 35 state parks, and numerous wildlife refuges, North Carolina offers an endless list of hiking locations. The Piedmont Region features hardwood forests with trees and shrubs that include river birch, sycamore, and alder. In the mountains, one can hike among hemlocks, rhododendrons, and hickory forests. Visit the famous Appalachian Trail, the Blue Ridge Parkway, or the Nantahala National Forest. Whether you are seeking shorter hikes or a multi-dayactivities-nc-3 adventure, you’ll find the perfect trip among North Carolina’s diverse terrain. Biking – Biking is a great way to explore the miles of trails and the quaint towns North Carolina has to offer. Meander along the Crystal Coast, peddle through the lovely Blue Ridge Parkway and its many side trails, or explore the state parks of the Piedmont region. North Carolina biking trails can be easy and relaxing or fast and demanding.