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Why join CARVC?

ARVC Savings Calculator:

The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) has launched the outdoor hospitality industry’s first ever tool allowing RV park and campground owners the ability to identify and sign up for cost-saving discounts, potentially saving them thousands of dollars each year. By joining CARVC you become a member of ARVC too!

The ARVC Savings Calculator ( available online at ( is mobile friendly and free to use. The Savings Calculator showcases benefits and discounts on products and services in a variety of categories relevant to campground owners- equipment, propane, office supplies, advocacy efforts, networking opportunities and ARVC’s newest discounts on health insurance, prescriptions and email marketing.

Once you have put in your park’s size and select products and services you currently use, you will discover how much money you’d save as an CARVC/ARVC member.

Many campgrounds go it alone. Campgrounds and RV Parks operate year after year without belonging to their state or national association.

Most campground operators will tell you that campground association memberships are as valuable to campground operators as Costco memberships are to individual families.

Indeed, the savings that association members receive each year on everything from propane and business office supplies to appliances, golf carts, and heavy equipment, can easily offset the cost of association membership and result in savings.

Savvy campground operators also know that being a member of a state campground association is a strategic investment that helps members as much as it helps the industry.

CARVC has strength in numbers, which makes us much better equipped to fight off legislative or regulatory threats to our industry rather than any individual park operator on their own.

CARVC also offers more collective business experience among our members that are more than willing to share their knowledge with fellow campground operators.

Association membership is particularly valuable for newcomers to the private park industry, many of whom don’t get into this business until later in life, perhaps as a career and lifestyle change from another type of business.

There are campgrounds that have wisdom, much of it learned through the school of hard knocks, that could benefit peers in the industry. But if they don’t join an association and network with their peers in the industry, it actually hurts the industry overall because it limits their growth potential. By sharing what they’ve learned with their peers they too can improve their operations and the overall guest experience.

On the other hand, campgrounds that need to make lots of repairs and improvements can find a friend in CARVC who can help them accelerate their learning curve, prioritize their improvements and develop more profitable campgrounds that benefit themselves, their customers and the industry in general.


Hello, my name is Jim Culderbank. I own Moonshine Creek Campground up in the mountains of western North Carolina. I was asked what my take away was when I went and lobbied in Washington DC for ARVC and campground association. One of the main take away that I had is the respect that congressman, senators and their staff have for ARVC. They would greet Paul Bambi, Al Johnson, Jeff Sims by name. And seeing this relationship really made me feel like I’m not alone in DC. I’m not alone with my legislators. As a small campground of only 93 sites and cabins, I don’t have the time, the talent or the treasure to do what I saw my association can do in Washington DC. It made me feel good that I’m not alone. Specifically, I remember going there and finding out that another organization member, who wasn’t even a campground owner, a supplier who had worked with the NEC, which is the National Electric Commission to stop from having a regulation having campgrounds put GFCI circuits for 30 and 50 amp and that alone at $400 – $500 per breaker saved my park $43,000. And the thing that really impressed me as almost as much as the savings that ARVC saved for me through their legislative arm and public access was that the gentleman that did this owns outdoor supply company that sells electric equipment and he gave up his own self-interest his own sales and revenue because he said its just not right that we have to do this and that saved the collective camping community over $100 million dollars. I didn’t even know that until I was in Washington DC. So this is why I’m an ARVC member. This is why I’m a CARVC member. Yes last year and the year before and the year before that I have been full. We have waiting lists. I’m already full for 2019 in October but I think it’s important to support the industry because they have my back and I know that I’m not alone.